The Jewish Medical Ethics Book Series, Vol. III

This is the third volume in the Jewish Medical Ethics (JME) Book Series (Editors: Rabbi M. Halperin, MD, Rabbi D. Fink, PhD, Prof. A.I. Eidelman, MD and Prof. S. Glick, MD). The articles, written by specialists in the fields of medicine, Judaism and law, are mostly republished after first having appeared in the Journal of Jewish Medical Ethics (between the years 1989-2011). All articles have been reedited and categorized, promoting a deeper understanding of the subjects at hand.


The book covers topics in four sections:

I.             Physicians and Judaism: Articles about the importance of healing in Judaism, endangerment in lifesaving, and the question of physician error and malpractice.

II.                 Circumcision: The various issues concerning the fulfillment of the Mitzvah of circumcision – Jaundice, Anesthesia, Metzitza b'Peh and more.

III.               Male Infertility: For example: Erectile dysfunction and male infertility; donor anonymity and secrecy vs. openness – an
                international perspective and an ethical and Jewish perspective.

IV.          The Dying Patient: Questions of autonomous decisions, dementia, withholding treatment and concluding with two exceptional perspectives on the dying patient: a colleague's awe of his ALS stricken friend and a dying patient's perspective on truth telling.

Hard Cover; 464 pp.