The Jewish Medical Ethics Book Series, Vol. II

This is the second volume in the Jewish Medical Ethics (JME) Book Series (Editors: Rabbi M. Halperin, MD, Rabbi D. Fink, PhD and Prof. S. Glick, MD). The articles, written by specialists in the fields of medicine, Judaism and law, are mostly republished after first having appeared in the Journal of Jewish Medical Ethics (between the years 1989-2006). All articles have been reedited and categorized, promoting a deeper understanding of the subjects at hand.

The book covers topics in six sections:

I.                    Jewish Medical Ethics: Including an overview of Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach zt"l's medico-halachic rulings; the obligation to  
                heal and physician malpractice in Jewish and public views.

II.          Fertility, Infertility and Abortion: Embryonic stem cell research, post-mortem sperm retrieval and the halacha and assisted reproductive techniques.

III.                AIDS: Presenting an overview of halachic perspectives on AIDS, compulsory testing and therapy for patients infected with AIDS and protection against AIDS.

IV.                Lifesaving:Articles pertaining to the bystander's obligation to assist in saving lives – in the eye of Jewish and Israeli law, allocation of scarce resources and the teachings of Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach regarding the laws of saving lives. 

V.        Death and Euthanasia: Treatment of the dying patient, euthanasia, halachic guidelines for physicians in the ICU, Jewish perspectives on death, dying and determination of death. 

VI.           Siamese Twins:Articles about the agonizing choices surrounding the cases of Siamese-twins and the debate over Rabbi Moshe Feinstein's halachic ruling in the matter.

Hard Cover; 464 pp.