Chapters in the Pathology of the Talmud

By: Prof. Avraham Steinberg, M.D.

Halachic explanations and medical explanations pertaining to pathology and Jewish law, presented in modern medical terminology with detailed references. Published in the year 5735, the book combines medical, halachic, and historical perspectives, providing a complete picture of the Talmudic sources. Invaluable for those already trained in anatomy and halacha and vital medical halachic material for anyone interested in studying Chullin or Bechorot.

Hebrew; 94 pp.; hard cover.

Very little has been written about the pathology in the Talmud. 

The purpose of this work by Prof. Steinberg, arranged according to the bodily-systems as they are found in current medical-textbooks, is to gather and organize information pertaining to the knowledge of pathology in the Talmudic period. Including halachic explanations and medical interpretations of original sources and pathological descriptions from later halachic literature, this work attempts to enhance our understanding of Talmudic pathology.


Chapter 1: The Cardiovascular System
Chapter 2: The Lungs
Chapter 3: The Gastrointestinal Tract
Chapter 4: The Liver
Chapter 5: The Biliary System
Chapter 6: The Spleen
Chapter 7: The Kidney an the Urinary Tract
Chapter 8: The Central Nervous System
Chapter 9: The Head