The Jewish Medical Ethics Book Series, Vol. I

This is the first book in the Jewish Medical Ethics (JME) Book Series (Editors: Rabbi M. Halperin, MD, Rabbi D. Fink, PhD and Prof. S. Glick, MD). The articles, written by specialists in the fields of medicine, Judaism and law, are mostly republished after first having appeared in the Journal of Jewish Medical Ethics (between the years 1989-2004). All articles have been reedited and categorized, promoting a deeper understanding of the subjects at hand. 

The book begins with a remarkable preface by Justice (Ret.) Prof. Menachem Elon, Chair of the Schlesinger Institute editorial board, "Medicine, Halacha and Law – The Values of a Jewish and Democratic State", followed by articles on diverse topics in four sections:

I.            Jewish Medical Ethics: Discussions of Medical Ethics and their halachic pertinence, overviews of Jewish medical ethics and questions of autonomy in medical decisions.


II.          Genetics: The Human Genome project, articles about cloning and various aspects in Jewish law regarding Down's syndrome.


III.       Mental Health: Presenting a series of articles regarding the mentally ill, beginning with the particular individual, through his treatment and on to discussing the safeguarding and protection of the mentally ill patient.


IV.    Organ Donation and Transplantation:Articles pertaining to sensitive questions surrounding organ transplants, amongst them – is donating and transplanting unacceptable, permissible, or obligatory? What are the various medical, ethical and halachic aspects of live kidney donations?

Hard Cover; 486 pp.

Jewish Medical Ethics 1 list of articles