Winter Program in Medicine, Ethics and Halacha

Every year, the Institute holds a winter course in medicine and halacha. The course takes place around the month of Tevet (January-February) and is intended for medical personnel, hospital workers, rabbis, medical students and the general public and is conducted in Hebrew.

The course is divided into four evening sessions over the span of four weeks and focuses on different topics every year. During each of the course's evening sessions participants hear lectures by exceptional speakers, including doctors, rabbis and jurists, as they raise and discuss hot-button halachic and ethical issues in contemporary medicine. Topics discussed in the past include: beginning and end of life, Shabbat and holidays, general medical ethics, such as medical confidentiality, truth-telling to the patient, the duty of healing, psychiatry, and more.

The program is sponsored by the Joseph N. Muschel Memorial Foundation, Monsey, New York, USA in memory of Sara Muschel and her son, Joseph N. Muschel.

Date:  February 27-March 10, 2013 (four meetings)



To develop advanced independent learning skills and provide in-depth lectures on medical-halachic topics.

To bridge the complex worlds of medicine, ethics, and halacha for the physicians of tomorrow.


Target audience:

Medical staff and the general public.



Lectures by leading figures in medicine, ethics and Halacha:

·         Text-based learning on both theoretical and practical issues

·         Case studies

·         Topics will be chosen from the following amongst others: The practice of medicine and Jewish law; halachot for the physician and patient on Shabbat and holidays; physician-patient issues; allocation of scarce resources; AIDS; definition of death; fertility issues and treatments; genetic engineering and screening; medical experimentation; organ transplants; physician-assisted suicide; and psychiatry.


Curriculum may qualify for credit at medical schools.



Lectures will be held at the Schlesinger Institute, Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem.

Cost: 25 NIS per evening.


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