In effort to achieve our primary goal of educating the public in the fields of medical ethics and halacha we run several educational initiatives, such as the "Medicine & Halacha Seminar for Morei Tzedek", the annual "International Summer Program for Medical Ethics & Halacha" and "Winter Seminar for Medical Ethics & Halacha".

The Schlesinger Institute conducts research and provides a unique religious and academic education in halacha and medicine.

Summer Program in Medical Ethics and Halacha

Since 1998, the Institute has run an annual month long summer program (in English), for medical students from around the world. The students come to Israel to study and deepen their knowledge of issues pertaining to medical ethics and Halacha. They hear some of the finest lecturers on the subject, including doctors and rabbis, as they raise hot-button halachic and ethical dilemmas of contemporary medicine. The courses include tours of the Shaare Zedek Medical Center in patient wards, as well as trips around the country.


Winter Program in Medicine, Ethics and Halacha

Every year, the Institute holds a winter course in medicine and halacha. The course takes place around the month of Tevet (January-February) and is intended for medical personnel, hospital workers, rabbis, medical students and the general public and is conducted in Hebrew.


Seminars and courses in Medicine, Ethics and Halacha

The Schlesinger Institute conducts seminars and workshops for schools, universities, rabbis, teachers, groups from abroad, and the general public. These seminars bring the students together with some of the highest medical and rabbinical authorities dealing with medicine and Jewish law. They are often single sessions, and sometimes there are a number of meetings throughout a certain period. Most seminars are theme-oriented, as requested by the groups, and present a multifaceted discussion of the selected topic.
The seminar framework may include hospital tours. The tour allows participants to observe the uniqueness of the Shaare Zedek Medical Center as a halacha-observing system. The tours are provided in Hebrew and English.

Online Courses

The Institute is currently producing, with the assistance of the Ministry of Science, online courses on the relationship between medical ethics and halacha. The program will include lesson plans and other tools offered to teachers preparing frontal classes, as well as online courses presenting a self-study option for high-school, college or yeshiva students and the general public to deepen their knowledge in the field of Jewish medical ethics.